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Gazala Hitawala

Your Friend and USMLE Coach



USMLE Coach with

2 Years of Professional Experience.

I am Gazala, your buddy for all things USMLE. If you have ever felt overwhelmed with the USMLE process or you are tired of studying day and night without any increment in scores, then I HAVE GOT YOUR BACK.


It's not just you going through all of it. Trust me, I have been through it too. I have had those sleepless nights and buckets full of tears that are hidden behind these perfect pictures you see here.


Over the years, I have constantly worked on study strategies and score improvement. These phenomenal strategies not just helped me but I inherited these lessons to 50 MORE STUDENTS whom I have personally worked with. And here's the good news, you can be part of our tribe too.


Students Coached


Smarties in my Tribe


Years into the Coaching

You Will Learn How To


Increase your Scores in USMLE


Study techniques to retain what you learn


Tips and tricks about USMLE exam

What Students Say

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If you are someone like me who got overwhelmed by the complexities of Anki, this is for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can maximize your learning for long-term memory retention. This course really helped me as I am preparing for two major exams, FMGE and USMLE, both of these exams require a tremendous amount of information to be learned.


One of my favorite parts of this course was the exercises we did at the end which put things into perspective and guides you about time management and scheduling skills that will help you get back on track.


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