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  • Gazala Hitawala

Amidst the new virus: covid19

At present the internet is filled with a lot of information about the coronavirus, by now most of us know the dos and don’ts, how to wash hands, how much distance to maintain from people and what are the signs and symptoms of this new virus; so I’m not going to add more to it. I just want to throw some light on a primary concern which is seemingly not regarded significant.

Today we have ample exposure to media/social media which provides us with a lot of information regardless of the relevance of the news. With every passing day, there is an increase in the number of cases of covid19 in India and every news channel will provide you with conflicting data about the number of cases in different countries. Your WhatsApp and Facebook contain a lot of studies supporting the use of various ‘jadibuty‘, ‘exercise‘, ‘home remedies‘ and ‘superfoods’ that can help you fight against the covid19 but NONE of it is supported by any proven data. Even the management of this infection is not 100% proven. We oblige to recognise that this virus is innovative, and it is challenging for all the researchers and scientists to come up with a vaccine or prophylaxis. So, we should all trust the government-issued websites and the WHO for all the knowledge. Secondly, all my fellow Indians need to know that the doctors, nurses and the healthcare workers in hospitals are already short of the primary protective measures (like N95 masks, gloves, glasses, gowns etc.). India is a highly populated country, and in case of an outbreak, it will be challenging to support everyone with the healthcare facilities. The healthcare workers are getting first-hand exposure to the infection, yet they are standing tall on the battlefield. So, to assist them the best we can do is to stay home and withdraw unnecessary visits to hospitals as well. Consider how many virus particles are roaming around in the hospital premises even if there is one infected patient and god forbid if the healthcare workers might catch the infection the transmission rate will double. So, only visit hospitals in case of emergencies. Also, please stop hoarding face masks, gloves, non-essential medications etc. The baseline screening is low in India as compared to other countries (there are resources to support this data, but again nothing is foolproof) and the population in India is higher than in other countries. Please understand the gravity of the situation and STAY INSIDE.


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