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  • Gazala Hitawala

“I’m a savage”, says Time

Time is so diligent towards its job, it wouldn’t stop for a fraction to look around, it just keeps moving. Time doesn’t want to stop, it doesn’t ask for a downtime. Time just knows to thrive and have a bull’s eye view on 00:00 and once it reaches there then what’s next? – it wants more, it has a neverending appetite for excellence. Wonder not, people do judge time for being such a perfectionist but does that stop time from doing what it does? – NO!

Time doesn’t have time to think about what others say, it can not compromise the work ethic it has created. But although time might be a good employee it isn’t a good employer it has made everyone it’s slave, even on millions of employee’s request it wouldn’t increase the hours in a day. If you have to work with time then you will be paid a fixed salary of 24 hours, every day, for the rest of your life, there is no raise for anyone, ruthless! Even though everyone finds time arrogant but time calls itself unbiased – “nobody is the boss’s favourite, everyone is paid equally.” After getting the same 24 hours salary there is still a wide economic disparity between the workers – surveys suggest that it is largely due to where each worker invested those 24 hours, p = 0.02. Researchers and economists are now helping these workers to make fruitful investments with those 24 hours.


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