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  • Gazala Hitawala

Morning pages

Does this happen to you that soon as you wake up in the morning your mind is flooded with thoughts about tasks that you want to complete in a day or the previous day’s arguments with colleagues or your future goals or the excitement of meeting a friend or maybe sadness of following the same routine every day? If you are a person like me then this might be often happening to you.

The human brain has a tremendous functioning, it runs at such a fast pace that we can’t even figure out how frequently we are switching between so many thoughts at a time. And this exceptional function of our brain may sometimes result to stress but we are so used to it that we don’t find anything unusual in stressing. ‘Morning pages’ is something that can help from a school going teenager to a strong headed entrepreneur in decluttering our brain. So without further ado let’s get to ‘Morning pages’.

What are ‘morning pages’?

Morning pages are just as basic as writing. It is a practice performed by highly successful people to declutter the brain in the morning. In simple words, it is putting down your thoughts on paper without brainstorming your mind.

Why ‘morning pages’?

1. It helps you to bring down your thoughts on paper which keeps your mind free to bring those thoughts into action instead of just contemplating.

2. It builds an effective habit of writing.

3. It makes you organised.

4. It gives a sense of fulfilment

How to get started?

Step 1- Mode of writing

You have to first decide your mode of writing, either digital or paper. Personally, I prefer writing on paper, it turns out to be simpler and avoids blue light exposure from the screen straight in the morning. But even using any note taking app would do the job.

Step 2- Make a notebook or folder

Since you are trying to declutter you definitely don’t want random sheets of paper scattered over your work-place or random documents in your PC and keeping it organised also helps you to refer to anything in future.

Step 3- No prior brain work

make sure that before you sit down to write your pages you do not check any of your phone notifications or emails or any social networking site. it will further stress you and once the loop is created it’s difficult to get out of it. so all work later.

Step 4- Writing skills

You definitely don’t have to be a writer to write morning pages. No extraordinary vocabulary or poetic devices are required. It’s just basic thoughts in any language. Just take a pen and you are good to go. Bring out everything that’s in your mind, the worst and best of emotions, it can be about your feelings towards someone, about your likes or dislikes, about gratification; ANYTHING.

Step 5- Writing format

You can write down whole paragraphs or simultaneously jot down points but remember you are not making a to-do-list or a task list. You are putting down your thoughts to save your brain from overflowing so just go with the flow. Do not overthink nor restrict yourself.

I’ve been practising this for quite a long time now and this turned out to be really helpful. It feels like getting rid of a burden from your chest.

Give this a try and hope you find it helpful too.

Stay productive.


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