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Learn it right and retain it longer.
The ultimate course that will teach you optimal ways to understand concepts and retrieve them during exams without the hassle of rereading your notes multiple times.

Is this YOU?

  • Are you spending 8-10 hours studying yet NOT getting your desired results?


  • Are you creating the perfect notes but falling short of time to review them during exams?


  • Has it ever happened that you learned a topic but even after scratching your head multiple times you can not recall it during your exams?


  • Have you tried multiple methods of studying the same concept but still fail to master it?


  • Are you overwhelmed with going through the whole syllabus one night before the exam?


  • Are you someone who is scared of the idea of using flashcards every day?


  • Are you solving multiple MCQs every day but still stuck at a low score on your tests?


A few years back, I was spending 10+ hours every day to prepare for my exam. After shedding my blood and sweat, I was expecting miraculous results.

Unfortunately, when I took the NBME test (self-assessment), my score came out to be 183. 

Yes, it was not even a PASS. 

I realized there was something wrong with what I was doing, and I went through a series of trial and errors on myself for a couple of months. 

Finally, I appeared for another Self-assessment with astonishing scores.


I got a 252.

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.49.12 AM.jpeg

I spent 3 months figuring out the correct way to approach and retain the concepts, and another 3 months to implement them. But 6 months is a lot of time, and I don’t want you to spend 6 months to figure out something which I can teach you in 4 weeks.

After building a foolproof system for USMLE preparation, I wanted to test if my strategies would work for the Indian curriculum as well.

So, after a gap of 3 years, I picked up the most dreadful subject ANATOMY and implemented the same strategies to test myself.

I scored above the 95th percentile in anatomy.

To make sure this was not a fluke, I took another test after a month, and the scores in anatomy persisted to be above the 95th percentile.

Now consider, if you put the same strategies for the rest of the subjects then what would the shown graph look like?


Imagine if you have the strategies that will help you retain all the important

details when you sit for your exam without spending multiple hours

going through endless cycles of revisions.


  • You will have the majority of concepts at your fingertips when you take the exam.

  • You will be more confident about your preparation and stick to your timeline, instead of delaying your exams.

  • You will have a simplified system to create and use flashcards instead of being tired of creating multiple schedules for revisions before the exam.

  • You will have the target scores that will take you one step closer to your specialty of choice which you have been dreaming about for years.

  • You will have more time to work on other areas like your research paper, leveling up your clinical skills, enjoying your hobbies, and whatnot.

  • You will save yourself from the sleepless nights and last-minute stress that drives you crazy before the exam.



A step-by-step strategic method that will take you from the inability to remember stuff in exams to the potent memory that can retrieve all the details in the exam.
That too without the stress of re-reading notes.

IMG_20220323_120443 - Varsha S.jpg
IMG_20220323_120443 - Varsha S.jpg

V was struggling with retaining the concepts and Anki

I was in a stage of quitting before I joined RMC coaching. I was lost. I doubted my decision to choose this path at USMLE. But once I joined the class, I was so grateful. Dr. Gazala was so sweet and kind. I loved the way how she talked to each of us separately during the group calls and solved our problems separately.

She was always calm and replied to all our queries. I even learned a lot about Anki which I always hesitated to use. But now I regret that I should have started earlier. It has helped me to retain things I tend to forget. Using Anki was so confusing which was made easier by Dr. Gazala. All her teaching videos are short and informative. This has helped me boost my confidence and to try harder to score well.

Testimonial Picture.png

Aishwarya has graduated and currently preparing for FMGE and USMLE

If you are someone like me who got overwhelmed by the complexities of Anki, this is for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can maximize your learning for long-term memory retention. This course really helped me as I am preparing for two major exams, FMGE and USMLE, both of these exams require a tremendous amount of information to be learned.

One of my favorite parts of this course was the exercises we did at the end which put things into perspective and guides you about time management and scheduling skills that will help you get back on track.

Let me break it down what's inside RMC





This module will help you lay down the bricks to get beyond your mental blocks and utilize actionable steps to get results for real. So if you are scared to take the first step, this module will pull you out of that bubble.

Lesson #1 – Mindset Warm-up

Lesson #2 – Discovering your pattern

Lesson #3 – Root Cause Analysis

Lesson #4 – Eliminate and Empower

After laying the foundation, it is time to shift gears and get ready to build a strong monument of knowledge. Get the best out of your first sitting while learning a topic, and go from, “Oh! I don’t understand this.” to “Wow! It’s that simple.”

Lesson #1 – Finding the perfect resource

Lesson #2 – Imbibing the concepts accurately



The most simplistic breakdown of every step of ANKI. No, it is not overwhelming. Every section is dissected into easily understandable pieces for you to stand out among your classmates.

Lesson #1 – Groundwork of Anki

Lesson #2 – Framework to customize Anki

Lesson #3 – Browsing Guide

(The implementation of Anki requires a laptop/desktop)



The ultimate teaching that will take you to your peak. Learn the exact strategies and techniques to commit things to your memory which will last till the final destination, your Exam Day.

Lesson #1 – Flashcards that convert to high scores

Lesson #2 – Imprinting a Qbank to your mind

Lesson #3 – Roadmap to stay consistent

Let me show you something exciting from one of my students...

This is the story of one of my students, she started preparing for the USMLE Step-1 exam but she was stressed with her consistently dipping down UWorld scores. Once she started with the course, session after session, she only kept improving.


You would not believe this but her scores increased by around 13 % in just 1.5 months, keeping in mind that at the same time

she was taking care of her internals and final year MBBS exams.


That’s unbelievable, right? Here are the results.

Before RMC

After RMC

Geethika - pre session.png
Geethika - during session.png



I started reviewing my anatomy dissection images for spotters and other viva questions and I did pretty well in my University exams.


I have now figured out my approach to my study prep for the exam and also managed to jump from 50% to 75% in Uworld in the immunology section.

Let's talk about the Bonuses


RMC Sales Page mockups (3).png

Powerful Notion Tracker for Consistency

Do you know what is the most difficult part after completing a course? It is to stay on track when there you are not accountable to anyone. So to ensure your consistency, I am giving you a powerful notion tracker to ensure you are consistent and not falling out of track.


Actionable worksheets & Assignments

You know already that merely sitting and watching video lectures is not working for you. So you are going to take action after every lesson inside the course. What is learning without implementation? The worksheets and assignments will help you to turn thoughts into reality.

RMC Sales Page mockups.png


Email Support

No matter how self-explanatory the course is, a good learner will always have a few questions. And I am not going to leave you hanging with those questions in your mind. You will get email support throughout your course subscription term to ask any of your queries related to the course.


Recorded Group Coaching

Access to all the previous batch's group coaching sessions. This is a great way to learn from the doubts of other students and take motivation to make a difference in your learning and retention. These videos will also help you learn how to work on the assignments and worksheets.

RMC Sales Page mockups (1).png

Look what students say about the

Retention Mastery Course

Screenshot_20220129-234916_3 (1).png
Screenshot_20220129-235527_2 (1).png
21_02_2021, 22_00_19.png
RMC Text Testimonials.png
21_02_2021, 22_45_39.png

Meet your Mentor

Hey! I am Gazala and I can’t wait to coach you on your journey to exponentially increase your retention.

In 2017, I decided to pursue the USMLE exams. As I moved forward, I discovered that there are a lot of gaps in our traditional learning pattern which can hold us to excel in competitive exams. However, I finally cracked the code of smart learning by spiking up my scores in a couple of months.

I am driven to coach medical students with the exact strategies that can help them hit their targets. Over the past couple of months, I have coached close to 50 medical students just like you to have full control over their exam results, and they are rocking it.

In this course, I will be teaching you the A to Z to efficiently learn and retain everything you study.

I can’t wait for you to get started with this so that you can live a life where results speak louder.


Still not sure if this is for you..??

This is for you if..

This is not for you if..


Ready to 10X your learning potential?

(The course also includes Anki implementation which requires accessibility to a laptop/desktop)

RMC Sales Page mockups (2).png

INR 7099

RMC Pricing.png


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Kriti is a final year student preparing for NEET-PG exam

It has made my life easy by engraving a lot of factual information in my core memory. During my theory exams, I recalled things that I hadn’t studied recently which is when I felt the supremacy of it. Gazala helped me a lot, almost like holding my hand while I was surfing through this new Technology.

IMG-20220326-WA0030 - Syeda Simrah.jpg

S was very confused with preparation methods

This course was so comprehensive and so easy to understand. Gazala's step-by-step approach to building good study strategies was one of the main highlights of the course. Personally for me it was the Anki tutorial that was a gamechanger. Anki is so difficult to navigate around, especially for a beginner. But with RMC it became so easy for me to learn and use Anki effectively!

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