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Is this YOU?

  • Are you spending 8-10 hours studying yet NOT getting your desired results?


  • Are you creating the perfect notes but falling short of time to review them during exams?


  • Has it ever happened that you learned a topic but even after scratching your head multiple times you can not recall it during your exams?


  • Have you tried multiple methods of studying the same concept but still fail to master it?


  • Are you overwhelmed with going through the whole syllabus one night before the exam?


  • Are you someone who is scared of the idea of using flashcards every day?


  • Are you solving multiple MCQs every day but still stuck at a low score on your tests?

You can get results like this in your USMLE

Before RMC

Geethika - pre session.png

After RMC

Geethika - during session.png



Learn it right and retain it longer.
The ultimate course that will teach you optimal ways to understand concepts and retrieve them during exams without the hassle of rereading your notes multiple times.

What do you get inside RMC?

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Look what students say about RMC

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